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Welcome to Print 3D Pakistan

The journey begans when the founder was an intern at an institute that worked with 3d printers. He learnt everything there was to know about 3D printing technology. His learning process revealed that Pakistan was an untapped region as far as 3D printing was concerned

while other countries were making history with the techonology, that was his inspiration, to put Pakistan on the map for 3D printing technology.

What Makes Us Better
  • New products which will be created on 3D printers will combine new materials, to demonstrate qualities that seem magical.
  • Everything that you want will be designed more rapidly, bringing innovation to you faster.
  • Our products are cost effective with multi-material capabilities and viable for a long time and our spectacular team makes sure of it.
  • The result will be better products.
Our Mission

Our mission is to create superior value 3d printed objects for our clients, provide outstanding service with success and reliability. Our competitors will continue to see us a major force in our industry and be reminded of our presence by our continued success. it is because we truly love doing what we do so that we can continue to drive our company based on enthusiasm, optimism and outstanding results. We can ensure that every client and project receives the same amount of care and attention and we will never compromise on the quality of our output and service.

Words from CEO Print 3D PK

You will always find it hard to be there where you want until you try for it.

Farrukh Bhabha
Company CEO, Print 3D Pakistan
Interest Areas
OUR Working Process in 3 Steps

Our Working process consists of 3 professional steps. The Clients just need to initiate and we and our experts will make you reach your desired goal.


To reach the desired goal strategy and planning is the most important, we make sure that the plan is fool proof so that the result is as expected.


We make sure that this is as expected by the customer, because we believe in relation building and for that we have to make sure to deliver expected output.


In the Final phase every product that is printed tested properly for quality assurance, after our QA Team is 100 percent satisfied only then the product is delivered.