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3D Printers

Think Big, Print Big

Print an object with the most detailed 3D Printer, even bigger then your imagination.

Printing Up to 2Ft in Height

Print an object more bigger is no more problem, It allows to Print even Bigger than your expectations.

Auto Bed Leveler

Now leveling a Heat-bed is more easy and optimized.

An Elegant 3D Printer

No Compromise in quality, Performance. Print without computer, but with Built-in LCD panel using SD card.

Bowden Extruder

Reduces the moving mass, Faster speed, allows more accuracy due to less inertia.

J – Head Metallic hot end 

Printing can be possible up to 0.3mm layer with most advanced extruder.

Stainless Steel Linear Rails

Linear Rails print an object more faster than lead screw.

Heat proof Glass

Heat your bed up to 90°degree with heat proof glass.

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