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Print 3D Pakistan tends to keeps everything transparent for its customers.


  • Print 3D PK Loyalty Card is owned by Print 3D Pakistan. The Loyalty Card remains the property of Print 3D Pakistan. It is not a credit, debit, discount or cheque guarantee card..
  • To earn or redeem points you must present the Print 3D PK Loyalty Card at the beginning of the transaction. You will not be able to redeem the points at the end of the transaction or once the transaction is complete
  • Points can only be redeemed while making a purchase of Filament or 3D Printing services
  • Points cannot redeem while making a purchase of 3D Printers
  • Points are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  • Loyalty card customer can avail only one discount offer at the time making purchase of filaments, 3D printers or 3D Printing services
  • Print 3D PK reserves the right to refuse redemption of any card, if it appears defective, tampered with, forged, misprinted or reproduced.
  • Every Rs.10 spent will entitle you 1 point. Points will not be accumulated for complimentary/gift vouchers.
  • Points accumulated in any given month must be redeemed within the next 12 months, otherwise these points will expire, while the remaining will be carried forward.
  • Proof of identity may be requested when the loyalty points are redeemed.
  • Print 3D PK will not be responsible for any loss of points on stolen or misplaced cards.
  • Only one Loyalty Card will be used for one single transaction.
  • Print 3D PK Loyalty Card is only available for persons of age 12 years and above and they must be a resident of Pakistan.
  • Print 3D Pakistan is entitled – at any time and without any prior notice or liability to the customer in any manner to terminate the Print 3D Pakistan Loyalty Card or to cancel or vary its benefits or features.
  • In case of any dispute the decision of Print 3D Pakistan shall be final and binding.

Note: Please allow at least 3-4 weeks for delivery of your card.